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Application Hosting

Application hosting is the solution for you if you want your business process to be implemented quickly and efficiently. Your IOS personalized solution can enable you to reduce application operation and ownership costs: The total costs of ownership of an application consists of application licenses, besides the server, systems and up gradations costs besides IT infrastructure maintenance. Application hosting services eliminates this cost or reduces the operating cost by a great margin. Thus with software hosting solutions not only you free internal resources for other purpose, you also make capital funds available for your business interests.

Technology is an ever changing. A managed comprehensive Application Hosting solution enables you to use the latest technology in terms of servers, security tools as well as data protection tools to access your applications in secured and reliable environment. This saves the huge upfront costs involved. For small monthly charges you access the world class technology and capabilities.

Today's I.T world demands maximum uptime and applications that are accessible at any time from anywhere. With IOS, applications and data are protected from the increased risk of the Internet at large as well as internal threats.

We assist companies with balancing business requirements for virtual connectivity with increased government compliance regulations that safe guard personal and corporate data from unauthorized access and distribution. IOS application hosting solutions provide secure, any to any communication between users and data whether at work, at home or on the road.

Hosted services and applications enable businesses to have access to the same advanced technology whether big or small. Companies of all sizes can focus more of their budget on their core business and less on day to day IT operations.