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So how do “WE” as Technology Leaders know what to believe and move forward with?


Each and every day we are bombarded with information; be it regarding Meaningful Use, CMS, ICD-10 (or not), Security Regulations, Vendor Services etc. I’m a technology leader that started out this week working to assist my clients in MU stages, Risk Analysis, Data Mining etc. During the span of the week I received ‘at least’ three articles that took my focus into a jungle of angles losing the effectiveness of my daily and forecasted needs. Being the type of leader I am and will continue to be; I in turn read each of the articles. Now I have a ‘few’ less brain cells than I had prior, but I am more focused on managing my client’s needs. I’ve placed the link(s) below for the respective articles/blogs so you too can review in your leisure (I know; a farce).
This blog was not created to ‘persuade’ you; a Medical Decision-Maker or Technology leader in one direction or another. I’ve created this blog to bring to light (or at least say in words) what most of us are thinking: “What Do I believe”.


Articles of Interest

Each article above in its own right; disseminates information down to you as you read it, but perception is key. HISTalk’s article(s) seem to contain a lot of ‘governing’ body information, but leaves off after the thought and there does not seem to be a lot of ‘backing’ up information that the reader can then link to. The article written by Dale Sanders and published on HealthCare IT News’ site effectively does the same thing, but does include the research information to back up the article. The topic of this article is of great importance; is that so? Thirdly the HIMSS article touches on Meaningful Use from a policy stance including the research, citations and links to the evidence. With all of these articles; I ask, how do you know what to believe, follow or move forward with? While each article doesn’t discuss the ‘same’ topic; each topic is framed so that Leaders like you and I are engaged in real thought that we have to in turn take for our own practical terms.
All of this leads me to rationalize that I as a leader have to be engaged to read each article and take it for what it is; information. Then in turn use that information to decide what to believe to be true and factual. Being a leader that focuses on Healthcare and IT; I lean toward believing those that do the leg work as well as the regulatory bodies, but still look at the situation and big picture of the environment I am in or working with. An example based on articles above; HIStalks is merely a blog that “sends” information right, wrong or indifferent. While HIMSS is a global, cause-based, not-for-profit organization focused on better health through information technology (IT).
So at the end of the day; Medical Decision-Makers and Technology leaders need to: Read, Be engaged, discern what they believe to be factual/true. Then step back take a look at their environmental needs and make decisions based on what will work for them!


While I write the blogs; I do appreciate input. If at any time you would like to comment or engage IOS, please use the Contact Us Link! I will make every effort to respond.

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